Horário de Verao

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This summer time begins later because of the 2018 elections.
From midnight on November 4, Brazilian watches will be EARLY in 1 hour in the states in which Daylight Saving Time is valid.
For this reason the Pousada do Albatroz recommends extra attention in case of scheduled trips.
If you have a scheduled flight, in case of scheduling a transfer and other situations. You should take into account these schedule changes avoiding damages. Companies do not usually repay in situations like these.

Cabo Frio and Arraial do Cabo

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Getting to Cabo Frio is simple.
It can be in Airplane, our international airport receives flights from Argentina, Minas Gerais, São Paulo, and more.
The BR 101 road takes you straight to this wonderful city.
Tips that you can not miss on your visit: Boat trip in Arraial do Cabo, Dinner at the Gastronomic Pole in the Passagem in Cabo Frio. An afternoon of shopping at Rua dos Biquinis, lunch at the kiosks at Conchas Beach and a walk to Pero Beach and check out the difference made by the neighbors Amigos do Pero, who got the Blue Flag Certificate through their daily care and efforts dealing with Respect our nature.
Do stand-up on the Island of Japan, visit the Prainha do Pontal, see a Sunset on the Praia do Siqueira, there are items not to be missed on your visit.
Do not miss our history, natural beauty and a little corner of Brazil that has no waste.
We await you at Pousada do Albatroz for an ideal rest.

Travel: Personal Cares

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According to a report by European scientists from the University of Nottingham, it was detected that the plastic trays of airport security controls should be included in the list of surfaces that contain more viruses and bacteria: subway seat, cashier automatic, pets, etc. For this reason it is recommended to wash your hands in a suitable way to be in transit.


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O inverno acabou, as crianças na fase final escolar. Agora é o momento de planificar as suas Férias! Venha curtir o melhor do Caribe Brasileiro. As opções que a região oferece são únicas: praias paradisíacas, passeios de barco, mergulho, ciclismo, trilhas, stand-up, e muito mais que angarotada e toda a família vão Amar!

New year at Brazil

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New Year in Brazil means new cycle celebrated with a beautiful, magical and full of faith. And it is also intense and expansive, full of rituals, symbols and superstitions.
But where did these symbols and superstitions came from, and what do they mean?
The Brazilian New Year is a great cultural mix, because Brazil was formed by different cultures. Now we will show you some common superstitions at New Year’s parties:
                                                                                          EAT LENTIL
                                 It was brought to Brazil by Italian immigrants, and it means fortune and abundance.
                                                                      EATING NUTS, CHESTNUTS, DAMASCES
                    They arrived in Brazil by the hands of the immigrants of Arab origin, and they represent abundance.
                                                         PUT A NOTE OF MONEY INSIDE THE SHOE
           This arrived with the Orientals, who believe that energy enters in our bodies by the feet. Putting the money there, the
energy will turn into wealth.
                                                                                     WHITE DRESS CLOTHING
                  Belief comes from the African religions practiced here in the country and is used to bring light and peace to the new
                                                                                                EAT GRAPES
                                                  This ritual came with the Portuguese and mean prosperity.
                                                                                 LIGHTING CANDLES ON THE BEACH
          This is an offering from the Afro-Brazilian religions, for Iemanjá, for the purpose of having health and love all year round.
                                                                                             EAT ROMAN
        From Arab origin, but arrived in Brazil by the Portuguese. Superstition works like this: Eat the buds and
                                                seeds in the wallet. The intention is to bring luck and money
         Fireworks are a more modern way of making noise. Ancient people believed that making noise
                                                                                     will scare the evil spirits.
                                                                                               JUMP 7 WAVES
                 Also linked to African religions, the ritual honors for Iemanjá, and its purpose is to open the way.